3 Key Challenges for the Modi government 2.0

After the 2019 general election – Modi has again proved that in the present scenario he is an unmatchable politician

challenges for modi government 2.0

Challenges for the Modi government, No one in the present Indian politics has that aura to stand against him. With such great mandate there comes great responsibility too.

And the second phase of the Modi government has several challenges to face.

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Let’s see some of the major challenges-

A strong economy –

With the advent of the year 2019, the GDP has started to slow down.

Till February 2019 the GDP was recorded as 6.6% which again got slowed down to 5.8% after the 2019 election.

Moreover, the manufacturing sector has suffered some major loss due to complicated GST rules.

Also one of the major cause of this GDP fall is the ongoing trade war between USA and China which is indirectly impacting the Indian economy.

modi government gdp

The present government has to do a lot for nursing the economy.

Kashmir Unrest -

kashmir unrest

Crowning of Amit Shah as the home minister of India is a big move.

Often called as Modi’s Chanakya behind his election victories.

And the common masses are yet to see his strong delivery as the Home Minister.

Kashmir has been simmering from over a decade due to extremism and terrorism.

Removal of Article 370 has been a great point in BJP’s manifesto of 2019. Let’s see what big ways the government will take for its removal? Will the demography of Kashmir change? Will the rehabilitation of Kashmiri pundits take place? Will the Article 35A be impeached? A lot of big questions with big expectations.

The Ram Mandir issue-

If BJP got such a powerful mandate then we can’t ignore the factor of saffron wave or the Hindu nationalism.

Modi has been successful in projecting himself as the most influential Hindu leader in present times.


Whether his spiritual penance in Kedarnath, whether his devotion in Kashi Vishwanath he has proved himself to a hardcore Hindu.

But still, the Indian people want their revered Lord Ram back in Ayodhya.

People have expectations from the government even though the case has been pending from over a decade in the Supreme Court.

Will the government issue an ordinance? Will they respect the Hindu sentiments for building the Ram Mandir again? Or will it only become a political campaign for BJP for their Hindu vote bank