Who WE Are ?

Runneeti, An initiative of Vishudhha Services, aims at cleaning election process in India. Inspired and driven by a commitment to provide information related to a constituency, So that citizen can make rational choices even before the elections.

Track your constituency

Runneeti delivers information about the probable leaders of a constituency. These leaders will have more chance of getting a party ticket and contest an election.

Citizens can view the candidates profile provided by Runneeti. They can rate, review and comment on the candidates profile. They can also take part in polls, quiz and surveys related to the constituency and the candidates.

Based on the inputs received from runneeti users; people’s input over Social media platforms and the inputs obtained through field surveys, Runneeti will award popularity points to the political leaders.

Popularity points will be given out of hundred. Leaders will be ranked based on the their points over popularity scale.


A Politician’s trump card.

Now people can support their leader monetarily and earn profit at the same time. You can buy Popularity driven Politicoin, whose price will change with relative change in candidates popularity. A person can buy Politcoin to support their candidate, it can then be re-sell in the market if there are buyers available to purchase at the same price.


If you think clean politics must triumph over corrupt politics, join us and be part of this vision.

Now through Fundneeti bring good leader forward and make donation to them. So that they can contest and make real change in your constituency and in the government.

Let us now brings the chance to change the narrative of Indian politics.

Idea Conclave

All the ignited minds are welcome to join the community and change the vision of the society with their true and thoughtful opinions.

Idea conclave is a a read, discuss and conclude platform. Read articles, initiate discussion and conclude it with open or closed solution. And let your thoughts change other’s opinions.

You can also write to us and get a chance to publish your content with Be An Author initiative

Polls, quizzes and surveys

Take part in the polls and surveys and let the concerned people and party know. What their citizen really want.