All India Trinamool Congress

Mamata Banerjee founded the All India Trinamool Congress in January 1988.
After parting her ways with Indian National Congress, Mamata
started her own party All India Trinamool Congress in West Bengal.
She formed the government in the year 2011 after defeating the 34-year-old CPI (M) rule.

All India Trinamool Congress


The history backdates to the year 1998. Mamata was the mastermind behind the formation of All India Trinamool Congress.
She aligned with NDA in 1999 and became the union minister.
But she resigned within a short period of time.
She was a member of INC for two decades before starting her own party.

Joining with UPA::

In the 2009 general elections, she joined hands with UPA. She became the Railways union minister again. But in 2012, she severed her ties with
UPA as well.
The reasons were due to UPA’s anti-people stand such as introducing FDI in the retail sector, disinvestment of profit-making
PSUs, etc.

Election symbol and its significance:

The election symbol of All India Trinamool Congress is “twin flowers in the grass”.
The symbol has the colors of the Indian flag- saffron, white and green.
The significance of the symbol is that it represents the essence and motherhood of our country.
The political slogan of AITC is “Ma Maati Manush”. It means Mother, Motherland, and People.

Current status of AITC:

After winning the Vidhan Sabha election in 2011, AITC won the election again in 2016. She trounced her opponents with a land sliding victory of 211 seats out of 294 seats. INC is the current opposition party in the state.

Performance in 2019 Lok Sabha elections:

In the 2019 general elections, All India Trinamool Congress is the fourth biggest party in the country. It won 22 seats in the state. But it lost 12 seats compared to the 2014 results. The growth of BJP in the state resulted in a huge setback to AITC.

The current mood of the people:

People of the state hailed Mamata as the “Jayalalithaa of West Bengal” initially. It is mainly because of her tough stand against Central Government. But the current mood of the people has changed a lot.

People think that Mamata promotes goondaism in the state. Her iron-fisted stand against the people’s right to expression further worsens the situation.

Experts say this was the reason for All India Trinamool Congress decline in West Bengal. The next Vidhan Sabha elections are due in two years. If the current mood continues, AITC has to lose its power to BJP.

If Mamata doesn’t act proactively, BJP will trounce AITC like how the latter did to the former in last state election.