Arun Yadav – Biography

Arun Yadav - Biography

Arun Yadav

Arun  Yadav, Indian Politician. He’s member of Indian National Congress. He was a member of 14 & 15 Lokshabha. Represented Khandwa constituency in Lokshabha Election. He is Agriculturist & Politician by Profession. He is OBC face of INC in Madhya Pradesh.

Early Life

Arun Yadav was born on 15 January 1974. Born in Borawan, Madhya Pradesh, India. His father, Late Sh.Subhash Yadav, former Deputy CM Madhya Pradesh. His Mother, Damyanti Yadav. Wife, Dr.Namrata Yadav. He resides in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh.


Completed his schooling from Daly College, Indore. Graduated in Bachelors of Commerce. From, S.S Subadh Jain Commerce College, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Political Career

His father brought him in Politics. Subash Yadav was the Deputy Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in the 90s. Although, his father was a powerful, Aggressive & influential politician. In fact, he’s views & comments were of significance importance.

MP Portfolios

In 2007 he was elected to 14 Lokasabha from Khargone Constituency. Thereafter, became Parliamentary member of Committee on Public Accounts. Afterward, he was re-elected to 15 Lokshabha in 2009 for 2 term. Further, in 2009 became a minister in UPA-2. Served as, Union Minister of State, Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises. Then, in 2011 he was promoted to other Ministries. He was, Union Minister of State, Agriculture & Food Processing Industries.


MP Congress

Arun Yadav was appointed as State Congress President in 2014. Eventually, he was succeeded by Kamal Nath in 2018. Also, He was preceded by Kantilal Bhuria.

What we can Learn from Arun Yadav

1. Polite in Nature

Instead of Being Aggressive like his father, he is polite. He’s completely opposite in personality that of his father.

2. Creative Reformer

He process various reforms under his heavy industries ministry.

3. Eager to learn 

Though he is Commerce student then to led various ministries. Which shows his eager to learn about new things.

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