Best Crowdfunding Platforms Of India

Following are the Best Crowdfunding Platforms Of India :

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1. Milaap :

Milaap is ranked as number 1 online Best Crowdfunding Platforms Of India.
You can raise funds for your beloved ones, for yourself and can also do charity.
One can set up a campaign without even spending a penny.
However, a platform fee of 5 % is charged on the total funds.

2. Wishberry:

It began in 2012 by Priyanka Agarwal (the co-founder) as a crowdfunding site.
It is one of the most successful and useful platforms among creative artists.
It is basically a reward based site where the people who contribute get rewards in return.

3. Ketto:

It raises funds for various categories such as NGOs.
Adding to this, it also supports personal and creative causes.
It is currently based in Mumbai. Here, the platform fee is 6%.

4. Fueladream:

This website is especially for those who raise funds for creative things, charity and events.
They have also contributed to the projects like the smartest electric bicycle.
However, the platform fee is 9% which is a little costly with respect to other platforms.

5. Start51:

Start51 is a website that enables people to convert their ideas into reality.
Such people do not take much risk. They keep their agenda simple and crisp.
One can list his/her ideas for free. It’s just the platform fee of 5% that is to be paid.

6. Dream Wallet:

It is a Jaipur based crowdfunding platform which initiates campaigns for music, dance, photography, etc.
It came into being in July 2015. It is a free platform. It’s just the platform fee one has to pay.

7. Bit giving:

A platform which raises funds for disaster management.
You can also post your stories about your own experiences. It is a free website.

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