BJP vs TMC is going to be a very close fight in Bengal.

TMC has been the most dominant political entity in West Bengal since 2011. Their majority in the last Lok Sabha and Assembly has proved that there is intense support for Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal.

Due to this widespread support for the beloved Didi TMC has made a permanent mark in the political landscape of West Bengal, but can this invincible dominant shield be breached.

Rise of BJP in Bengal

BJP has been recently becoming more popular among Bengalis. While they had no presence in 2011, they have been slowly rising and now has become the main opposing force for the TMC party.

This is mainly due to the growing discontent of Bengalis with their policies and the attitude of appeasement of Mamata Banerjee to secure votes.

While this far-right party has successfully become a dangerous opposition, will the BJP able to defeat TMC on its home turf.

BJP is largely banking on the growing discontent with the TMC party.

There is also the grave concern of the growing violence conducted by the TMC.

BJP West Bengal

Rise of Hindu Nationalism in Bengal Politics

The extreme means used to suppress any opposition party has enraged many in the state. BJP is also aggressively campaigning and targeting the Hindus of West Bengal.

Their chanting of Hindu slogans like’ Jai Shri Ram’ has appealed to the distressed Hindus who feel wronged by TMC’s decisions like banning Durga Puja due to Muharram, No tough actions against communal riots in Basirhat and many more.

This has led Hindus to speculate that they are being targeted to appease minorities and to ensure votes.

Strongholds of TMC

TMC has made many efforts to efficiently advertise itself to rural areas and has made itself extremely favourable to the minorities which enables them to have a secure vote bank.

Also, the huge chunk of Bengalis favour Communist ideologies and hence have anti-BJP sentiments.

In this race of BJP vs TMC. TMC may dominant in these elections due to its inherent popularity from the past but its invincible status is starting to degrade.

Mamata Banerjee has made no attempts at hiding her ambition to be a key player at the national level and this election will provide us with the dynamic of both the charismatic leaders fighting to be dominant on the National level in the future.