Bobonong General Election 2019

Bobonong General Election 2019

Bobonong is a town in the  Central District of Botswana 80 km from Selibe Phikwe town. Bobonong has a population of around 19,000. The Babirwa tribe can be found in this town. The Botswana Pink semi-precious stones can be found in Bobonong region. The babirwa are known for harvesting the mophane worm.

Constituency Name

Population Registered Votes Wards No

Area km2

Bobonong 42472 17558 10


Nominee Name Shaw Kgathi
Party BDP
Nominee Name Taolo LUCAS 
Party BCP
Nominee Name Kgaugelo MACHETE
Party UDC

Whom will you vote in general election 2019?

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