Chanakya - Indian Philosopher


Chanakya was an ancient Indian philosopher, royal advisor, teacher, economist, and jurist. He is also known as Kautilya and Vishnu Gupta. He is the author of Arthsastra. It is a text which belongs to roughly somewhere between the 2nd Century and 3rd Century BC. He also authored ancient Indian Political treaties. In India, people see him as the pioneer of economics and political science. His works got rediscovered around the twentieth century.

They got lost near the end of the Gupta empire.

Chanakya work on politics

Chanakya gets credit for playing an important role in the establishment of the Mauryan Empire. He assisted the Chandragupta the first Mauryan Emperor, in his journey to the throne. He served as Chief advisor for both emperors of the Mauryan kingdom. The Mauryan Kingdom’s were Chandragupta and Binduasara. His work Arthshastra discovered the roots of modern political as well as economic events. It was in an era that existed much before Jesus himself. History tries hard to bury his works with ever-changing modern progression and conspiracies. Yet he remains to be one of the greatest political minds who has contributed to our fore-fathers, our generations and our coming generations that we call, called and will call the modern world.

Chanakya’s contribution to intelligence and spies

In India, the Intelligence wing consists of two sections. One is the Intelligence Bureau and the other is Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Chanakya had created several tactics for espionage in his time. The modern Indian officials had failed to put in place an improvised version of his tactics. They have failed despite having his ideologies. The present scenario of India depicts the Indian Intelligence service as another body that powerful and corrupt politicians of both homes and away uses for their agendas or to lay the foundation of an International Controversy.

CIA of USA to some extent uses the tactics of Chankya’s model of Intelligence. They directly report to the superior resulting in a decrease in corruption. They have got good achievements out of it. Whereas, bombings in different metropolitan cities of India show how we failed to install the tactics of Chanakya. It is a great sorrow that we fail to install the teachings of our forefathers. Although, we watch and clap while the rest of the world builds on Chankya’s ideologies.


We are aware of the present espionage system in the world. They have built it on Chankya’s espionage system. The proof of this theory is easily found. If we compare modern espionage to Chankya’s tactics, we find many similarities. We can say that Chankya’s teachings have immensely contributed to set up the modern world spy network.

Chanakya will forever remain the greatest political and economic scholar and one of the master strategies of all time.

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