Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor
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Charles Margrave Taylor, is a Canadian Philosopher. From Montreal, Quebec & professor at McGill University. Populary known for his contribution in Political Philosophy. His contribution count in philosophy of Social Science, history of Philosophy. As well as Intellectual History. Winner of Kyoto Prize, Templeton Prize , Bergguren Prize for Philosophy. And, the John W. Kluge Prize . His area of interest are Cosmopolitan, Secularism, Religion & Modernity . He was appointed as head of commission on reasonable accommodation for minority cultures in 2007.

Early Life 

Charles Margrave Taylor was Born on November 5, 1931 . Born in Montreal, Quebec. Born to Francophone Mother & Anglophone Father. Attended, Selwyn House School from 1941 to 1946. Graduated in B.A. in history from McGill University. Studied at University of Oxford & Graduated in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (Hons). He received Doctorate in Philosophy in 1961. 


He became professor of Social & Political Theory at the University of Oxford. Even, Served as Fellow of All Souls College. Further, became professor of Political Science & Philosophy at McGill University. In 1991, he penned Quebec’s Commercial Sign Laws . Soon, he became Companion of Order of Canada. Thereafter, he was awarded the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council’s Gold medal. Furthermore, Received Templeton Prize for progress in Discoveries of Spiritual Reality. 


Taylor rejects Naturalism & Formalist epistemology. He is part of Intellectual Tradition of Canadian Idealism. He personally asked people to follow directions.As well as knowledge of Government opinions/Judgement & premises on how to follow directions. Meanwhile, he emphasizes on Wittgenstein’s saying” obeying rule is practice”.


Charles Taylor was candidate for New Democratic Party (NDP) in Mount Royal . Formally , he was three time candidate in 1960s. Firstly, in 1962 federal election & Secondly, 1963 were he stood second. Though, he lost election in 1965 to Pierre Trudeau. Charles served as Vice President & President of NCP. 

Philosophy & Sociology of Religion

His later works focused about Philosophy of Religion. Such as, “A Catholic Modernity” & ” Varieties of Religion Today”. Most significant being, A Secular Age. Which, argues against Secularization thesis of Max Weber, Steve Bruce & others. Taylor had argued that modern world has not seen disappearance of Religion. Rather, diversification & Growth of Religion.