Che Guevara - Cuban Revolutionary

Che Guevara

Ernesto Che Guevara, was an Argentine Marxist Revolutionary. He was physician, author, activist , Guerilla leader, Diplomat. He was the Major figure of Cuban Revolution. His popularised visage had become an important symbol of rebellion. And, Global badge of rebellion in popular culture. He was against America’s Policy. He stated capitalism as the main cause behind every social evil.

Early Life

Ernesto Che Guevara was born on June 14, 1928. Born in Rosaries, Argentina. Born to Ernesto Guevara Lynch & Celia de la Seena y Liosa. His family was spanish but they were living in Argentina. At very Early stage, Che Guevara developed affinity for poors. As a boy, he got introduced to wide political perspectives. He was very friendly in his childhood, his friend called him PIG. Even, Influenced people of his surrounding.


He started studying or reading books as adolescent. Favorite subject were Engineering, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, history & archeology. In 1948, entered University of Buenos Aires to become s Doctor. But, from there his views for himself & Latin
America changed drastically.

Sports & Athletics

Despite suffering bouts of acute asthma, he excelled as an Athlete. Infact, he enjoyed swimming, football, golf, shooting & impressive cyclist. He was an avid rugby player.

What Ignited Revolution inside Guevara

Guatemala, was under going through revolution phase. The people of Guatemala wanted to overthrow the power of capitalism. Che Guevara participated in several movements there but failed miserably.


Firstly, he took a trip of 4500 km in 1950, via ruler provinces of Northern Argentina.

Secondly, in 1951 he travelled 8000 km in 9 months through parts of South America. In Chile, Che Guevara got enraged by condition of miners in Anaconda’s Chuquicamata copper mine.

Feudalism & Poverty

On way to Machu Picchu, poverty of rural areas made his heartfelt. And, feudalism has eradicated Humanism between poors & they were severely exploited. Which caused him to arrive at conclusion that violence is the only solution. Instead, there is need to look Latin America as Continent for Liberation. His Strategy was to unite everyone against Capitalism. And, spark the Revolution against capitalist countries like America.


Meeting Fidel Castro

Further, left Guatemala & came to Mexico, where he met Fidel & Raûl Castro. Castro Brothers were preparing to overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba. Thereafter, he joined Fidel Castro’s M-7/ 26 July Movement in provience of Oriente, 2 December, 1956.

Attack by Cuban Army

Meanwhile, few survivors including Che Guevara reached Sierra Maestra & formed Guerilla Army. Soon, Guevara’s army gained strength with weapons & support from local peasants. Therefore, Che Guevara established Radio station (Rebel Radio) in 1958. Though, Rebel Radio broadcasted news to Cuban people, statements by 26 July movement. Unfortunately, Cuban Army started executing rebel prisoners on the spot.

War Begins

As War extended, Che Guevara dispatched fighters westward for final push towards Havana. Hence, Che Guevara directed suicide squad to attack Santa Clara, which was final military victory of revolution. Finally, on January 1959 Che Guevara entered into Havana for final control.


From 1959-76 Fidel Castro was PM & from 1976-2008 he was President & Che Guevara was given important role. Castro named Che Guevara as commander of La Cabaña Fortress prison.

Agrarian Reforms

He ensured justice was establishing agrarian land reforms. On January 1959, he gave significant speech & talked about social ideas of the rebel army. A few months later, Agranian Reform Law crafted by Guevara came into effect.

Educational Reforms

He also forced National literacy reforms. In 1961, considered as Year of Education & mobilized over 10000 volunteers for literacy brigade. He construct schools, train new educators & teach illiterate peasants.

New Man

He asked people to risen up their individual consciousness. He said new man in Cuba will be Incurrupt, Non-materialistic & Anti-imperialistic. Also, he emphasized on equality & self sacrifice & Freedom. Furthermore, he talked New Man to overcome egotism & selfishness.

Bay of PIGS & Missile Crisis

1400 US trained Cuban exiles invaded Cuba during Bay of Pigs Invasion but failed. Basically, Che Guevara was architect of CUBAN-Soviet relationship But, Missile Crisis made him believed that USA & Soviet Union used Cuba as pawn. Afterward, he denounced relationship with Soviet Union & USA.

Congo & Bolivia

Oct 1965 he left Cuba & started searching for countries needed revolution. And, he chooses Congo as his next step. After 1965, he got disappeared for next two years. He led the Revolution against congoian government but failed miserably & fled to Tanzania. Then, he moved to Bolivia but Bolivian Army was supported by the CIA. Therefore, his Guerilla
Band constantly escape from Army.


On 7 October, nearly 1800 Army mens went to arrest him. And, on 8 October, 1967 he got arrested & his group was annihilated by Bolivian Army.


Bolivian President René Barrientos ordered to kill Guevara. Mario Teran volunteered to kill che Guevara. He was asked to kill him in such a way that he was killed in action. Guevara’s last words were I know you have come to kill me. Shoot Coward!, You can never kill my ideas.

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