Chhindwara Lok Sabha Constituency

Chhindwara Lok Sabha constituency is one of the 29 Lok Sabha constituencies in Madhya Pradesh state in central India. This constituency came into existence in 1951, and it presently covers the entire Chhindwara district. It was a double member constituency from 1956–61, with one seat reserved for the candidates belonging to the Scheduled Tribes.

Constituency Name
Votes Polled
Polling (in %)
Evm Postal Total
Chhindwara 16 GEN 1402038 1081792 207 1081999 79.00 25499
Winner Party Winner votes Runner-Up Party Votes Vote Margin
Kamal Nath INC 559755 Choudhary Chandrabhan Kuber Singh BJP 443218 116537


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Alka Nath INC Chhindwara

Choudhary Chandrabhan Kuber Singh BJP Chhindwara

Kamal Nath INC Chhindwara

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Political History

Year Winner Gender Party
2014 Kamal Nath M INC
2009 Kamal Nath,Shri M INC
2004 Kamalnath M INC
1999 Kamal Nath M INC
1998 Kamalnath M INC
1997 Sunderlal Patwa M BJP
1996 Alka Kamalnath M INC
1991 Kamal Nath M INC
1989 Kamal Nath M INC
1984 Kamal Nath M INC
1980 Kamal Nath M INC(I)
1977 Gargishankar Ramkrishna Mishra M INC
1971 Gargishanker Ramkrishna M INC
1967 G.R. Mishra M INC
1962 Bhikulal Lachhmichand M INC
1957 Bhikulal Lakhmichand M INC
1957 Narayan Rao Wadiwa M INC
1951 Raichand Bhai Shah M INC

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