Doctors'strike in west bengal

Doctors Protest:

Doctors’strike in West Bengal, Doctors are someone who has been designated as God on Earth.
Doctors cure our diseases which have a harmful impact on us.
But in Today’s world, the Doctors are not safe, we see a number of cases where Doctors have complaints of misbehavior and even brutally beaten by the crowd.

Doctors Protest in west bengal

Recent Issue:

In West Bengal junior Doctor was thrashed by a mob of 200 people in NRS Medical college because of fatal of an 85-year-old patient.
This merciless crowd has caused two of the junior Doctors severe problems. One of the injured Doctor is said to be in Coma.
IMA has called for Nationwide strike from June 17.

What has happened till now in West Bengal?

After the severe Attacks on Doctors, the Doctors in Bengal have been protesting for justice.
Doctors have even refused to resume their duties.
This Protest by Doctors of West Bengal has spread like a fire all over the country and Doctors from all over the country has come out in the support of protesting Doctors in West Bengal.
Some of the Doctors (nearly 300 ) have even resigned from their Jobs demanding for additional security and assurance.

Issue of Political Favors?

It is all because of dirty political games.
Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee has acted rudely with the protesting Doctors and have even warned doctors for strict Action.
While the Doctors was demanding strict Action against the accused but Mamta and her system seem to be protecting them because of their Religion. Due to all these issue, the anger of Doctors has erupted vastly around the Nation.

What are their Demands ?

They have been demanding for Proper security for them not just on paper but in reality.
They want an apology from Mamta Banerjee for her words.
They want strict Action against the accused. They don’t want any compromise against the violence.

Reasons of Violence Against Doctors

The question is why doctors have been treated in such a manner.
There is always two sides of a coin.
The doctors have been caused by the patient for Delay in Patient care, Long wait for an appointment , Rude behaviors of Doctors with the patient and its family.
Overcrowding and Shortage of security guards are also responsible for such violence.

Conclusion: What steps need to be taken?

Appointment of more security Guards, Better security equipment, Only one Attendant with Patient should be allowed.
More CCTV’s to be installed, Doctors need to be polite and ready to negotiate as Doctors are serving people not Governing them.