Election in India -

And it’s impact

When considered from the prospect of economy, elections are very much important. In addition to that, the market situation changes drastically as per the results of the election. For the time being, after the results of the assembly elections in Bihar and Delhi, the stock market was plunged heavily after the NDA was being defeated.

The main reasons for the co-relation can either be many reforms either in a direct or an indirect way related to the business and hence the economy is in a queue like the land acquisition bill, the GST bill, etc, whichever if at all passed might help in boosting the business sector. For passing these bills, one should get consent from both the houses of the parliament.

Here comes the twist, the NDA government that has the majority in the lower house and has a minority in the upper one.  If it happens to lose the assembly elections in a state, it weakens the chances in the future. The elections directly affect the economy of India.

In order to achieve market stability and more potential for tapping the foreign investors, a stable and strong central majority government must be formed. In case of the hung parliament, the stability goes low and hence the market doesn’t show any positive response.  Because of this, the reform process doesn’t take place and hence it results in the government in tardy.

The other factors along with this include the Perception of the strong leadership at the center that plays an important role. The 2019 general elections might be a cakewalk to the current government. Similarly, there is not too much of an incumbency issue. Few elections seem to be disgruntled with the issues like the demonetization, or GST of the increase in fuel price thereby causing the hardship to people. This, in turn, might affect the count of the NDA. In this case, the markets tend to react in a negative way.

On the other hand, if the NDA is unscathed and has chances of improving upon its numbers then the markets might bounce back in a smart way. It purely depends upon the wellness of Congress and how is it able to forge ties with other regional or national parties.

The upcoming elections in various states will be having the biggest influence on the politics of our country. BJP has chances of getting a landslide victory in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh apart from that the party might form its government in Manipur and Goa.

The elections have proven that Modi magic is intact in the country for almost the past three years and in spite of the demonetization move f Modi, people have great support for him. People have rejected Congress and the other regional parties like BSP and SP wherein people are expecting clean government and development in the northern states and UP. The parties and people have been spreading election awareness, wherein the importance of the Lok Sabha Election 2019, is explained. One can even refer to various election articles, or news related to election and get information about the Lok Sabha Seats In India. The election commission website also helps you in the same.

During these upcoming elections in India, as a part of election awareness, people are not willing to trust any other party or an alliance which is an alternative to BJP. All the elections have boosted the morale of BJP throughout the country wherein there was a slight decline after the Bihar elections.

While the ruling party in UP i.e. SP was defeated badly, and the other party especially BSP was fully liquidated. These parties have to learn that caste politics is not going to help them in UP. Even they have to focus on the development of all rather than the development of a few.

Modi Wave is the biggest and also very important verdict that took place in 2017 Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh that has mostly read as a dress rehearsal for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019. The 2019 elections have already commenced and the election result dates or the counting will be starting on 23rd May 2019.  In Uttar Pradesh, Narendra Modi did spend a huge amount of his time for campaigning in Varanasi.


While few of them has seen this as overt desperation, many have found this gesture as a return to his parliamentary government thereby reclaiming his seat. Uttar Pradesh along with his seven-phased polls and being the biggest state Assembly has marked the case for Modi with his ability to deliver the electoral victories for BJP.

The drubbing that Narendra Modi did receive in Delhi and in Bihar is not at all withstanding which seem that the proverbial PM wave is back along with fresh momentum. This must give both BJP and Mr. Narendra Modi a significant bounce and a good push towards the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019.

Demonetization gamble paid off

The results of the upcoming UP Assembly elections is the direct validation of the demonetization gamble irrespective of the hardships those are caused for any ordinary Indian citizen. The biggest victory of BJP in Uttar Pradesh w0uld surely result in reclaiming the image of Modi as an anti-corruption crusader who has launched the surgical strike against the black money in terms of demonetization.

This will, in turn, embolden the Modi Government for taking up much more drastic steps in name of great good deeds in the past few months and years thereby leading up to the Lok Sabha 2019 elections.

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