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The biggest in the world

Democracy in any country is measured by the count of its voters. India has the largest number of voters being a democratic country. India has become the world’s largest democratic country since its independence. 

India is going to hold a six weeks long poll i.e. the general elections those will resound in every corner of the country, from the Himalayas of the North to the backwaters of the South, from Thar in the West to the tea fields in the East, everyone will experience a sense of patriotism and an independent right to choose the best candidate in the elections, those have commenced from April 11, 2019.

According to the studies and research, the 2019 polling exercise will cost around 500 billion rupees ($7 billion). The calculated amount is more than the amount spent on the U.S presidential and congressional elections in 2016. An organization that tracks money in American politics, about $6.5 billion was spent in the U.S presidential elections of 2016. India has crossed this amount, significantly.

Whenever you happen to hear about India, the first thing that strikes your mind is the tricolor flag.  The world’s biggest democratic country will be holding the world’s most expensive elections.

In the previous elections, the country had spent nearly $5 billion and the CMS projects in this year have been increased by almost 40 percent that means the cost is raised up to $8 per voter on the other hand 60 percent of the population in India is living on $3 per day.

For the elections, the amount spent on social media is dramatically high.  All the parties tend to spend lots on its promotion through various mediums like the publicity materials, the posters, flags, banners, hoardings, media advertisements and even the rallies, processions and public meetings.

The elections held in the country are in seven different phases and it is the 17th Lok Sabha Election 2019

In 2014, Lok Sabha elections, out of Rs 712.47 crore, BJP spent Rs. 463 crore only on publicity while Congress spent Rs. 346.41 around 71% of the total amount. All the politicians believe that in order to win any elections, you need to build your brand and the same thing is followed by the politicians in India.

They are busy building their brands with the help of well-articulated speeches and the rest are creating their brands with the help of a political blame-game.

During elections, people always think about money. In other words, from where does the money come and where it goes?

We cannot pin down the perfect and accurate data but it is witnessed that the cost indulged in campaigning is becoming higher with each and every passing term.

Let us take a look at where does the money go? Does it go to vote buying or the real campaigns? You never know.  The most important part that involves total expenditure is into branding. Since the politicians cannot afford to be unpopular hence gaining publicity is the most important thing for them. Most of the money is spent on advertisements and in media, then into the posters, hoardings and many such kinds.

Another thing is traveling. Politicians tend to spend lots on traveling too. According to the study, last year, BJP had spent nearly Rs. 159.15 crore on traveling whereas Congress on the other side spent Rs. 129.5 crore just on the vehicles used for the campaigning purpose by the party leaders.  The legislative assembly elections will be held in Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Odisha, along with the other general elections.

The Election Commission of India has strictly warned regarding the nominations of people. It is mentioned that the candidates with a similar name might confuse the voters which might result in splitting of votes.  In the history of elections, the most popular figures are also targeted.

India is a country having the largest economies which are necessary to uphold the credibility, integrity and autonomy. The party leaders tend to spend 20% to 30% of an amount on processions and rallies.

For maintaining the paid supporters or the poor people those are available in carrying the flags, the Indian politicians must have good rallies and for that, they need to spend on the mundane items like the tables, chairs, speakers, vehicles, etc.

This suggests that the budgets are getting higher not because of the voters those receive the gifts but also because of the campaigns that are getting ambitious, competitive and luxurious.

Maharashtra is said to be the top contributor for the parties. In the previous elections, nearly Rs. 80 crore was handed out to BJP and 62.5 crores to Congress. Nearly 15% of the donations were accepted from the various corporate, the electoral trusts and the business houses.

So, it is a time to think on how the politicians are spending on campaigning just with the motive of remaining in power. The world is getting digital and the leaders must atleast show an attempt of designing the platform for the digital elections just by verifying the voters with the help of their election or the aadhar cards over the smart phones.

It is also guaranteed that the whole election costs nearly 1/10th of the present costs. So, it’s high time now and the politicians must surely think about the amount of money spent in the elections.

The Election commission of India did announce the elections on 10 March 2019 and the counting will be commenced on 23rd May 2019. One can get the latest election news or the updates on election news live, either on various news sites or on daily newspapers, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.

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