Ghanzi South General Election 2019

Ghanzi (sometimes Gantsi) is a district in western Botswana, bordering Namibia in the west and extending east into much of the interior of the country. The district’s administrative centre is the town of Ghanzi. Most of the eastern half of Ghanzi makes up the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The human population at the 2001 census was 43,370, less populous than that of any other district in Botswana. Ghanzi’s area is 117,910 km².

Ghanzi South General Election 2019

Constituency Name

Population Registered Votes Wards No

Area km2

Ghanzi South

20254 10687 9


Nominee Name Christiaan De GRAAFF
Party BDP
Nominee Name Motsamai G. Jelson MOTSAMA
Party UDC
Nominee Name Brains Kebogile KWADIPANE
Party BCP

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