History and Future Role Of Our Home Minister

Home Minister Amit Shah has replaced Rajnath Singh(now Defence Minister) as the new Union Home Minister.

amit shah

He has established himself as a crucial Cabinet Member second only two the PM himself.

This has surprised many, given his controversial past.


Amit Shah was appointed in 2002 by Narendra Modi (then CM) as the Junior Minister of Home.

His past leadership experience, namely his role as the chairman of GSFC, enabled him to rise the ranks of the BJP party quickly.

His role was unofficially considered to be of most importance, second only to CM Modi.

But then he was arrested by the CBI for the Shahabuddin Shaikh fake encounter case.

He spent 3 months in the Sabarmati jail before he was granted bail by the Gujarat High court and forced to exile from his home state for a brief time.


The exile gave him an opportunity to travel extensively.

This enabled him to strengthen the party’s organizational base in Uttar Pradesh.

After the 2014 elections, Shah became the party president. Shah also became a member of Rajya Sabha in August 2017.

Future Problems :

Amit Shah is expected to maintain control over the Internal disputes of the country as the Union home minister.

His role also dictates the center’s relationship with the state and other international relations.

Article 35A :

Amit Shah has promised to annul Article 35A.

The article leaves the definition of ‘Permanent resident ‘of Jammu and Kashmir to the state legislature of the state.

Amit Shah is of the opinion that this causes discrimination against non-permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir.

Will Shah deliver on his promise?

Illegal Immigrants (NRC AND CITIZENSHIP BILL) :

Shah also has some bold statements regarding illegal Immigration in India.

“These crores of illegal immigrants are like termites and they are eating the food that should go to our poor and they are taking our jobs”.

Hence Shah will heavily favor controversial bills like the NRC in Assam and the Citizenship Bill.

The NRC aims to detain illegal immigrants (mainly from Bangladesh) residing in Assam.

The Citizenship Bill aims to grant Indian Citizenship to distressed religious minorities from neighbouring countries

Maoist Attacks In Central INDIA :

The Maoist groups in Central India are repeatedly attacking security personnel.

Their presence in Central India has costed the lives of many security personnel. On May 3, 15 security personnel were killed in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra.

A BJP MLA from Dantewada was allegedly shot dead by the same group in the election season

Shah’s controls the Central Armed Police force(CAPF). Hence he is responsible for the relative peace in Central India.

Amit Shah has faced many obstacles in the past. However, to maintain his relevance in the future he will have to overcome these current problems in our country.

narendra modi and amit shah