Human rights are generally given to common people to make them empower,
They are some set of rules or norms which are referred to as legal rights,
Human rights ngo in India working for the rights of the human being,
Below, You will get a list of human rights ngo in India

10 December is marked as Human Rights Day. Professor Henkin has been called the ‘father of human rights’.

human rights organisation india

Human Rights Council :

The United Nations Human Rights Council is a body that investigates the violation of any human rights.

The Basic Rights :

  1. Freedom of opinion
  2. The right to privacy
  3. The right to life and liberty.
  4. The right to equality before law
  5. The right to a fair trial

Human rights VS Human needs:

A human right is more ethical, legal and is on moral grounds.
In contrast to rights, a human need can be diverse and can range from various domains, A human right is Universal.
It applies to each and every person irrespective of his/her country.

A human need might or might not be fulfilled. Whereas, a human right cannot be taken away unless there is an emergency situation.

Human Rights Organisation:

It is a non-governmental organization that helps in promoting awareness about human rights.
It was established on December 10, 1948. It helps to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens.
Here are few organisations working for the same :

1. Child Rights and You (CRY):

It specifically promotes and protects Children’s rights.
They tie up with local organizations so that they can mass mobilize. They focus on a variety of areas including information technology.

2. Save the Children:

It is another non-profit organization working for children.
Focusing on healthcare and education, they try to achieve a long term goal.
Moreover, they are trying to eradicate child poverty.
It also offers job throughout the country in field work, finance, etc.

3. Human Rights law network:

It includes a group of lawyers and social activists who legally work for human rights awareness and its protection.
It has a large network nationwide.