Indian National Congress

Indian national congress is a political party led by political leader Rahul Gandhi. This party is the biggest opposition to BJP. However, it led India to Independence, thus, played an important role in the past.

Indian National Congress


Congress is a nationalist party that only follows nationalism and supports freedom, fundamental rights, and equality.

Election Symbol:

The symbol as approved by EC is an image of a right hand and all the fingers pressed together.
This symbol of hand was first used by Indira Gandhi. However, the earlier symbol was that of the image of two bullocks with a plow.

It’s a leader:

Rahul Gandhi as of now has not been able to win the hearts of many people.
He still needs to increase his participation and communication skills.
People believe he is not ready to hold the prime ministership yet.
Moreover, Narendra Modi blocked every path of the INC party and hence, that obstructed the path of Rahul Gandhi.

Who played an important role in the growth of the party?

Mahatma Gandhi’s entry was a turning point in Indian politics as well as for the INC.
At the time of independence, the Indian national congress (INC) was the most popular party.
Gandhi Ji contributed by organizing many national movements, fighting for the rights of peasants.
Moreover, his nonviolence ways became popular among the people of India.

Work done:

  1. Gave Independent India.
  2. Commonwealth games were held under the congress rule.
  3. India is the third most powerful country in terms of economy.
  4. In the last 60 years, the number of primary schools has increased.
  5. 99% of today’s Indian population is covered by Radio and TV.


Indian national congress as a party should focus on its leaders and policies.  The leaders of the Indian national congress party should be more interactive and focus on relevance things more.