Literacy Rate In India

The ability to read and write is how we define literacy. Each and every individual should be literate enough so that he/she can be an asset to the country and to the family.

literacy rate in india

A Historical Overview :

The ‘right to education’ is a fundamental right and hence, education for all is a must.

However, it took much efforts to gain faith of Indians in education. People, mostly in villages, believed that educating a girl child is a waste of money and time.

When Britishers left India, the literacy rate of the country was as low as 12%.

This created a huge population of liabilities all around society.

As a result, India’s economy fell drastically.

Following is the reason for the same:

The education system as proposed by the Britishers was highly unproductive and had many loopholes.
They mainly focused on educating a certain group of people to run their administration and to serve their own interests.
Instead, they do not aim to spread education further.
Thus, the literary rate of India remained stagnant.

Some Loopholes :

According to 2011 census of India, Literacy rate was recorded as 168/234 .

Following are the reasons for lacking behind :

1. Lack of capital: India fails to develop educational institutions with proper infrastructure, science laboratories, and libraries.

2. Privatization of higher education: University education has become higher in India.
Not every middle class can afford such an expensive education.
Hence, education is still beyond the reach of most of the people.

3. Education in the English language: The medium of teaching has tilted towards the English language, thereby neglecting Hindi as a
language. Thus people from villages and rural areas may not be able to cope up with the language.

Has The Indian Literacy Rate Increased?

Over the years, the Indian literacy rate has increased to some extent.
But when observed it is growing gradually. There are, yet, many adults in the country who are not able to read and write.
However, this educational gap can be seen and witnessed more in rural areas.
Lack of awareness is still an area of concern.
Around 60 lakh children in India are still out-of-school.
We still have miles to go.
Awareness about the importance of studying and educating children should be spread in the society.
Education should be free of cost for those who cannot afford.

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