Madurai Lok Sabha Constituency

Madurai is a Lok Sabha (Parliament of India) constituency in Tamil Nadu.

Constituency Name
Votes Polled
Polling (in %)
Evm Postal Total
Madurai 32 GEN 1441434 954136 908 955044 67.74 19765
Winner Party Winner Votes Runner-Up Party Votes Vote Margin
R.Gopalakrishnan AIADMK 454167 V Velusamy DMK 256731 197436


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T.N.Bharath Nachiappan INC Madurai

D Sivamuthu Kumar DMDK Madurai

V Velusamy DMK Madurai

R. Gopalakrishnan AIADMK Madurai

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Political History

Year Winner Gender Party
2014 R.Gopalakrishnan M AIADMK
2009 Alagiri,Shri M. K. M DMK
2004 Mohan, P. M CPM
1999 Mohan, P. M CPM
1998 Subramanian Swamy M JP
1996 Ram Babu A.G.S M TMC(M)
1991 Ram Babu A.G.S. M INC
1989 A.G.S. Ram Babu M INC
1984 Subburaman A.G. M INC
1980 Subburaman A.G. M INC(I)
1977 Swaminathan R.V. M INC
1971 R. V. Swaminathan M INC

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