Can Mahagathbandhan Win UP?

Politics in India is as quirky and tricky like chess that nobody knows who will win and cannot predict.

Talking about Mahagathbandhan (MGB) in UP. Let us first understand what Mahagathbandhan is and who is behind this.

Mahagathbandhan is constructive alliance forming political faction against Modi government by Samajwadi Party (SP)and Bahujan Same Party (BSP) forming the “gathbandhan” under the leadership of Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati respectively.


Hatred, mistrust against BJP and Congress respectively resulted in this gathbandhan. But this complementary political goals has now made everyone to collaborate who have once sworn enemies and now are forming this great grand alliance.

This alliance is now supported and led by president Rahul Gandhi and his party members of Congress.

the oldest Indian political party declaring all these three political unions coming together this election 2019

and forming “Mahagathbandhan” with the aim of having better and developed Uttar Pradesh.


It is headquartered at Uttar Pradesh, state of India having 7/545 seats in Lok Sabha and 17 in Rajya Sabha.

“It is supported by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Akhil Bhartiya Jaat Aarakshan Sangharsh Samiti and Jamat -e- Islami.  “

“Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati are the root cause of this alliance and are stronger now a believer and follower of each other’s party.”


This grand alliance is made in determination to oust Yogi Aditya Nath from CM of Uttar Pradesh and Narendra Modi from the post of PM  respectively as the leaders of the Mahagathbandhan thinks that Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is autocratic and are not up to the mark as expected.

So, this is all about sovereignty, peace and development of Uttar Pradesh and of course If all went good India can have a better PM next.

Akhilesh Yadav is contesting from Azamgarh, the only place from where BJP lost in 2014 election except other parts of India facing the Bhojpuri actor Dinesh Lal Yadav known as “Nirhaua” who is supporting BJP.

Sultanpur and Pratapgarh will have Maneka Gandhi and BJP’s Kuwar Harivansh respectively.

A recent poll in Banaras has broken the confidence of Mahagathbandhan as well as of Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati and has created aggression in the party.

Now, coming to the opinion and views of the person against whom this alliance has been made MR. Narendra Damodar Das Modi that he thinks this “Mahagathbandhan’ as “Mahamilawat” and “Mahabhrashtacharya”.

In a recent interview, he also said that this reunion will surely ill the country and is surely not going to be beneficial except for themselves will enjoy the power, position.


The country will only go to ICU (Intensive Care Unit) if they and their party will rule-making India a fully corrupted Country.  Congress is the biggest opposition and will surely witness its downfall soon.

I know my country and my people of India; they will not support such dirty alliance this election.

People have seen our work and I know they will give me a second chance by making me PM again.

PM Modi said in reference to the Rally of 23 opposition parties in West Bengal last month.


It will be interesting to see who people want to be their next PM of India as Lok Sabha Election 2019  results will be declared on 23rd May 2019 also do this UP Mahagathbandhan will be fruitful or not.

Somewhere around the corner  it seems it can give a tough competition to BJP  but there is no denying of Modi being the favourite PM of India that no such alliance will even work on people to be against Modi as people have also  seen Indian National Congress work since 60 years and have watched BSP and SP works too.

So, people might think of Modi giving a second chance.  There is no hope only from UP voters but also all over India that voters will definitely elect BJP to this Lok Sabha Election 2019.