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Mamata Banerjee (commonly known as Didi) is an interesting person to study. The amount of dedication and raw talent packed into one being of nature is truly something to marvel at. Throughout her life, there is one constant. That is the Hunger for more. The constant hunger to outdo oneself and to progress. To Move forward. One must seek to learn from her despite their difference in political opinion or the controversies surrounding her.

Early Life

Mamata Banerjee was born on 5th January 1955 and is currently 64 years old. From a young age, she had shown her intense desire and capability to lead. She had established the Chatra Parishad Union under the student wing of Congress defeating  Democratic Students’ Union of the Socialist Unity Centre of India.

Political Career

Her young political career highlights her blatant zest and talent for politics. She started her career with the Congress party in the 1970s. She quickly rose the ladders of the Congress party and by 1984 she became the youngest member of the Indian Parliament. She then took an active part in politics retaining the seat for Kolkata South and being appointed the Union Minister of State in 1991 by PM P.V. Narasimha Rao. After being distressed by the Congress policies in West Bengal she decided to make her own Congress named All India Trinamool Congress.

After her fruitful first tenure as a Railway minister and her alliances with NDA and UPA, she contested the 2009 elections in which she performed relatively well securing 19 out of 42 seats. Banerjee left her second tenure as the Railway Minister after two years to become the CM of West Bengal. Her 2-year tenure was marked with many controversies regarding huge losses in the Railways.

She was then able to have two tenures as the CM of Bengal with the potential of being the CM the third time. Her first tenure marked the elevation of farmers and improvement of the condition of teachers. She also helped improve the law enforcement and the control the hike in Petrol prices. She was also widely criticized for her ignorant statements regarding male and female interaction and being caught red-handed in the Saradha scam.


Mamata Banerjee is also criticized for her policy of appeasement towards minorities and illegal immigrants to secure her dominance over the state. Though morally her actions may be questionable she is a seasoned and practised politician who will win at all costs.

Learnings for us

Didi usually wears simple white cultural Bengali clothes and leads an austere life. She reportedly has no husband and refuses to indulge in luxuries. Her aim is simple, to win the game of politics and has completely devoted herself to this goal without any distractions. One must really applaud her for her level of commitment to politics and her simple mindset and outlook on life. Throughout her life, there was not a hint of hesitation, just simply a need to move forward. Even basic human necessities like human relationship and family were unable to stop her hunger for power and success. Love her or Hate her she has made and will continue to make a permanent mark on the political landscape of India.

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