Mamta Banerjee vs Narendra Modi


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Modi Vs Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee’s party the All India Trinamool Congress

has been a dominant political entity in West Bengal since 2011. In 2014 Lok Sabha elections the TMC had secured 34 seats out of 42. This overwhelming support in West Bengal has, though, not yet extended to the national level but Banerjee has shown many signs of her future aspirations of being a key player on the national level.

This raises a relevant question. Is Mamata Banerjee capable of opposing Modi on the national scale? Is she capable of fighting the political giants like BJP head on?

For this, one must first analyse the current state of West Bengal and if the people of Bengal are genuinely happy with Mamata Banerjee. While the TMC has excelled at securing votes, the methods used to do so have been very controversial.

Challenge For Mamata

Many people from Bengal feel that the appeasement of minorities and the use of unwarranted force are major factors of success for the party. This coupled with the lack of economic growth has led to growing resentment towards the TMC. Hence one can logically conclude that for long term success in the state Mamata Banerjee must get rid of gimmicky tactics to increase votes and genuinely reestablish her dominance in the state.

Narendra Modi’s BJP in Bengal

Due to these sentiments, BJP has been growing quickly as the major opposition to the party in Bengal. It has been speculated that their presence will strengthen even further if the situation in Bengal is left unchecked. Hence even in Banerjee’s home state, there is a rising tide of opposition which needs her utmost attention if she wants long term relevance. Mamata Banerjee must, hence, focus on the administration of her state and make an example of its success before launching herself on the national level.

Can Mamata Banerjee Defeat BJP and MODI?

The rising popularity of the Saffron party in the state will pose more threat to the TMC. If NDA can beg more than 10 seats from Bengal it is expected that BJP will be in a stronger position. Also, the bargaining power of Mamata Banerjee and TMC will decrease if their seats reduced to lesser than expected. To claim prime Ministerial position, TMC, therefore, Must perform as they did in 2014 general election

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