Namibia General Election 2019

General elections will be held in November 2019. The elections will be the second on the African continent to use electronic voting. General elections were held in Namibia on 28 November 2014, although early voting took place in foreign polling stations and for seagoing personnel on 14 November. The elections were the first on the African continent to use electronic voting.

A total of nine candidates ran for the presidency, whilst 16 political parties contested the National Assembly elections. Hage Geingob of the ruling SWAPO party, won the presidential elections with 87% of the vote. SWAPO also won the National Assembly elections, taking 80% of the vote.

Malawi Map

President Candidate 2019

Name Party
Hage Geingob SWAPO Party of Namibia
Name Party
McHenry Venaani Popular Democratic Movement (PDM)
Name Party
Ignatius Nkotongo Shixwameni All People’s Party
Name Party
Esther Utjiua Muinjangue National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO)
Name Party
Attie Beukes Workers Revolutionary Party

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