Social Media Details of Narendra Modi

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Social Media & Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi has a very big fan base over social media. He is most popular Politician on social media around the world leaving politicians like US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin Behind.

Narendra Modi is a visionary leader. He saw the importance of social media and connected to the youths of biggest democracy of the world directly through the digital medium. He harnessed the social media for his election campaigns. Moreover, He also able to withdraw peoples attention for issues of national importance through this medium.

He has a very big fan base over social media.

  1. Narendra Modi Twitter account has 4.7 crore followers.
  2. Narendra Modi instagram account has 2.03 crore followers.
  3. Narendra Modi Facebook page has 4.36 crores likes.
  4. Narendra Modi videos are very frequently watched and his youtube account has more than 22 lakh subscribers. There are more than 10 thousand videos published so far with this account.
  5. Apart from that other social media accounts like google+, Linkedin, pinterest etc have his presence and there too he is amongst most followed personalities.