New Congress President?

Loss in General election 2019 has pushed Rahul Gandhi to Resign as Congress President. Rahul Gandhi has taken the responsibility of loss in Election. After, the resignation of Rahul Gandhi Congress party was in deep shock. Many top leaders including Sonia Gandhi has tried to convince Rahul. Nothing have turned out but nothing come to conclusion. While Congress is felt cheated by his actions. Several politicians have resigned from congress. These leaders have questioned absence of Top leasership. Top Party leaders have even asked to form panels for election of President.

Big Loss

Congress-led UPA has been strongly disapproved by Indian Voters. UPA had hardly scored 115 seats (approx) of which Indian National Congress contributes only 55 seats. This election had kind of shaken Congress led UPA. Party lost their Big Names in the politics for first time ever. Even Rahul Gandhi lost his conventional seat of Amethi in UP. The turbulence for Rahul Gandhi was so strong that he had to contest election from Waynad (safe seat).

What Mistakes Rahul Gandhi did in 2019 Elections?

Congress party contested this election in leadership of Rahul Gandhi & which led to such disaster. Some Mistakes of Rahul Gandhi has been listed down.

1. Questioning the Surgical and Air Strikes

Rahul Gandhi, Congress leaders as well as other opposition leaders questioned these strikes and demanded proof but this strategy fired back at congress only.

2. Designating PM as chor

Rahul Gandhi in all his public meetings had shout out loud the slogan of Chowkidar Chor but PM Modi altered it with Main Bhi Chowkidar very classically.

3. Weakest Opposition 

Rahul Gandhi led congress had proven to be the weakest Opposition not just in numbers but in reality too. All issues raised by Rahul Gandhi in public was completely sidelined and they became incapable to bring them back in election.

4. No Ground base

Many big names left the party just before election. With absolutely no base on gross root level it proved to be a big failure for Rahul Gandhi.

Probable Congress President?

There are many discussion floating in Media regarding New Congress President. But, Leaders like Shashi Tharoor & Amrinder Singh have backed Young leader’s name. Currently, Amrinder Singh has openly supported Priyanka Wadra as New Congress President. While Priyanka has denied the offer of becoming Party President. Also, there are rumors of temporary president. But, the fact states that no other president except one belonging to Gandhi family can lead Congress. Eventually, INC leaders have cleared in absence of President from Gandhi family, will cause INC to split in two factions.

Challenges for Congress President

With the Rising power of BJP, many INC politicians have switched to BJP.

First and real challenge for New Congress President will be uniting the party.

Secondly, reestablishing the belief of Party workers in Top Leadership.

Third, Change in Policies & Stratigies concerning the future of INC.

Fourth, Less of Control by Central Leadership in every decision of Party Workers at Roots.

Fifth, New Congress President has to become of Ground realities.

Sixth, Dissolution of all State Congree Committees & forming newer ones with New Energy & Ideas.


All in all the New Congress President will be Declared soon. It would be interesting to see whether INC elects or selects New Congres President. Anyhow, The party president will be from Gandhi family for sure. And, Priyanka Wadra is the most suitable one for INC. The Biggest problem with Congress President will be Modi & how to overcome Modi’s image.

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