Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam's Birthday
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Born (1048AD) in the ancient city of Nishapur, Iran. Omar Khayyam regarded by many to be one of the great minds ever took birth. A great Mathematician and astronomer. In addition to the skills, he is also a great philosopher & a poet. His poetry and other literary work are still followed and read by many.

Omar came from a non-noble background. Yet, he was trained by the greatest teacher of Nishabour. Due to his exemplary skills, He came closer to Malik Shah (Ruler). Before the invasion of Nishabour & pilgrimage to Mecca, Omar produced some great works in various fields.

Omar Khayyam The Mathematician:

Few Highlights of his work:
1. The solution to cubic equations
2. Use of geometry in solving an algebraic equation.
3. “Theory of Parallel”
4. Concept of real numbers

Omar Khayyam The Astronomer:

Under Sultan Malik Shah, Omar Khayyam built an observatory and improved the existing Persian calendar. The calender embolism cycle consists of 33 years. This includes 25 normal years with 365 days and 8 leap years with 366 days.

Omar Khayam The Poet and Philosopher

It is a common belief that a scientist can never be a good writer or a poet. Well, Omar Khayyam breaks this disbelief. The accounts on various of his work can be found in text and books of Nazm-al-din-daya, Fakir al-din Razi and all.


In the world where orthodoxy, anti-liberalism, right-wing setup is gaining wave. People like Omar Khayyam need to relive and fill the world with knowledge and wisdom. Scientists like him can flourish only when society is liberal. The state is developed with basic infrastructure. Therefore, there is an urge to build a world based only on development, liberalism, equal opportunity to all. A world where there is no place for communalism, inequality, polarization.

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