Polls, Surveys And Results

General Election 2019

1. Who will you vote for as PM if general elections are held today?
Narendra ModiRahul GandhiOthersDon't Vote

2. How Modi government has performed in past almost 4 and half years?
Very GoodGoodAveragePoor

3. Will a united opposition alliance be effective against BJP in Lok sabha Polls?
YesNoCan't predict

4. Shah-Modi Duo is ahead of 4 moves than their opposition leaders of Indian Political chess Board?
AgreeDon't Agree

5. Has Rahul Gandhi gained public support as Next PM candidate or not?

6. Have you experienced your "achhe din" under Modi government?
Yes, things got betterNo, things got worseNo change

7. will a government other than BJP would make conditions better if they come into power in 2019?
Yes, things would get betterNo, things might get worsethere will be no change



Whom will you vote for as PM candidate if general elections are held today?

  • Narendra Modi
  • Rahul Gandhi
  • Others


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