Rahul Gandhi Photo

Press Conference of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi’s press conference

The election has come to the last phase and Rahul Gandhi held a press conference.  He addresses many things in his interaction with the press. What caught public attention is when he addressed a question on Narendra Modi’s Press conference. He said that “he is really happy that at last Prime Minister addressed Media, which is a good initiative. Congress president also added that he wanted to send a journalist from his side. He meant is that the media is biased. However, Mr. Gandhi made a tough allegation on the election commission of India. He said although he has great respect for the institution. But many instances suggest that the election commission was biased towards BJP. 

Rahul Gandhi says that BJP has a lot more money than Congress. And we fought this election without the fund as much as BJP but we fought well.

Congress President talking about farmers:-

According to Rahul Gandhi, Congress has the vision to uplift the framers which BJP has failed to do so. So in 3 states, Congress has promised to spare the loan on farmers within 10 days. However, BJP leaders in these states informed the public that Congress made false promises and was not able to deliver. So, whether farmers benefitted or nor will be clear on the election result day on 23rd May 2019. 

Rahul Gandhi Takes on Modi:-

Rahul Gandhi takes on Modi by saying that in the span of 5 years why he never held the press conference. He made fun of Modi’s interview with Akshay Kumar and asked the press to ask Modi difficult questions. During the press conference, Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of rafale and put it as his question for Modi Ji to address for his conference. 

2019 Election about protecting institutions:-

According to Rahul Gandhi the institution of India are in danger for example:-Rbi. He wants to protect the institution. 

Winning the Election with truth:-

Rahul Gandhi wants to win this election with the truth. But Congress party is nowhere near the truth. Their truth is already exposed by their party member Digvijay Singh and the team. As seen in the video, when a common man tried to speak the truth in front of them they didn’t hear them. So, whether Congress can win the election with their so-called truth or whether the public believes in their truth. All the stories will get cleared on the day of Election results.