First Press Conference - How did Narendra Modi - Amit Shah address the Media?

Narendra Modi Amit Shah at their First press conference

First Press Conference

First press conference in 5 years (Narendra Modi)


Prime minister Narendra Modi’s first press conference in five year’s. The press conference seemed to be more of Amit Shah’s than of Modi. All the political objectives were referred by Amit Shah. Narendra Modi interaction with the press was not the same as he interacts in a regular interview. A lot of things were expected from Modi from this press conference. No political agenda and development issue was referred by Modi. There was very little time given for the press to question. Modi only talked about his thought’s over this election and not addressed any important issue. There was no discussion about the work promises they had done in 2014 that are incomplete. 

This press conference was more of appraising  BJP than interacting with the press. Questions were raised on Pragya Thakur’s nomination but the answer’s given was not that appropriate. Just to prove that Bhagwa terror does not exist they have given the ticket to Pragya Thakur.

Taking question’s from the press:-

When the press was questioning, no questions were taken by Modiji as he diverted the questions to Amit Shah by saying that he is our party president he will answer the questions. He seemed to be a little bit uncomfortable.

Somehow Narendra Modi neglected the questions. There was no question raised about the education system and the environmental system as to how to improve them, these topics were ignored. The same old question was raised by the press.

Not a convincing press conference:-

As it was the first press conference it would have been more effective. The answer’s given by the Amit Shah and Narendra Modi was not convincing. No important matter was presented. There was less interaction with the press. Although Narendra Modi has talked about the agendas and other issues in his previous interview’s. He should have given more effective answers as he gives in his interviews. As a viewer, the outcome of the press conference was not as effective as it has to be.

Confidence in winning the election:-

Amit Shah and Narendra Modi are not only confident of winning the election but they know that they are going to win. In the whole Indian political history, this type of confidence has not been seen in any political leader. But at the press conference, they repeatedly said that they are going to win once again. This time they are going to break the 2014 record.