Welcome to your Indian Politics General Knowledge

September 19, 2019

1. ............... was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra after the division of Bombay State and the fifth Deputy Prime Minister of India?
2. Parliament of India was founded in ........?
3. In 1969 ......... was expelled from the congress party by a group called the "Syndicate."
4. Who is India's longest serving Prime Minister?
5. BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) was founded in year .......?
6. On April 2012, .......... was sentenced to four years rigorous imprisonment for accepting a bribe of INR 100,000 from Tehelka journalists?
7. The newspaper run by BJP is .....?
8. Which famous national leader of India has written books on the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates and the ancient Roman king Marcus Aurelius?
9. Which former Indian President died as a result of a road accident?
10. Who was the shortest serving PM of India excluding acting PM?

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