Rahul Gandhi of Amethi

Smriti Irani Won Amethi
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“Whether Rahul Gandhi has lost Amethi or Smriti Irani Won it”

Amethi has been comfortable home turf for the Congress for almost three decades. Their mostly undefeated status in this constituency is due to the countless connections of the voters with the Gandhi family. This constituency signified Congress at its peak and is now signifying it’s inevitable decline.

The intricate details here are unnecessary. The fact that a BJP candidate could take the President of Congress head-on, at his home turf, is an alarming sign for the party.

Amethi Lok Sabha 2014 Elections

The Lok Sabha Amethi election was won by Rahul Gandhi. Smriti Irani had campaigned aggressively and was able to limit Rahul Gandhi’s to a winning margin to 1 lakh.

Has Rahul Gandhi Lost Amethi or Smriti Irani Won it?

After the elections, Smriti Irani had visited the constituency regularly and campaigned hard at the time of elections. She was able to connect with the people of Amethi. This is contrasted with Rahul Gandhi whose presence in the constituency was limited. Even traditional Congress supporters were disappointed by this. Smriti Irani’s 5 years hard work paid off. And its Smriti Irani who has won the Amethi and Rahul Gandhi lost it.

Reason Behind why Rahul Gandhi lost Amethi and Smriti Irani won Amethi

This competition highlights the blatant problems with Rahul Gandhi. His lack of presence in the constituency coupled with the proactive attitude of Smriti Irani had led to this spectacle.

We can clearly see how ancient family traditions are being overridden. The beauty of a Democratic system is that no one is safe and nothing can be taken for granted. BJP’s persistent efforts were fruitful and Congress’s negligence was duly noted by the citizens of Amethi

Is It Rahul Gandhi to blame or Congress party as a whole.

These elections also highlight some core problems with the party as a whole. The Congress party is plagued by their sub-par management. Their lack of communication and co-operation among themselves has been blatantly clear.

The lack of opportunities given to other leaders who could do a much better job than Rahul Gandhi has become a very popular talking point among their supporters and critics. Citizens are tired of this party desperately holding on to the pillar of nepotism to secure power. The era of the GANDHI FAMILY is declining rapidly

Whether Smriti Irani Won Amethi or Rahul Gandhi Lost it
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