Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh, Indian Politician from BJP. Currently, Serving as Defence Minister of India . Previously, Served as the Home Minister of India.Former Chief Minister of uttar pradesh. As well as Agriculture Minister in Vajpayee Government. 

Nitin Gadkari Succeeded Rajnath Singh as BJP president. Also, He has its association with RSS. Physics Lecturer by profession . He is 2 time MP from Lucknow Constituency,UP.

rajnath singh

Early Life:

Rajnath Singh was born on 10 July, 1951 in Bhabhaura, UP. Father, Ram Badan Singh, Farmer by profession . Mother, Gujarati Devi ,Homemaker & Farmer. At the age of 13, Rajnath Singh joined RSS.

Education & Jobs:

He has his Master’s in Physics . And, secured first division result from Gorakhpur University. Then, He worked as Physics Lecturer in Mirzapur.

Political Career:

In 1975, became District President of Jana Sangh. Further, in 1977 became MLA from Mirzapur. Thereafter, He became the president of UP BJYM. Soon, appointed as the National Genral Secretary in1986.

Afterwards, He became National president in 1988. Then, in 1994 He was elected to Rajya Sabha . Indeed, appointed as the president of UP BJP in1997.

Minister Portfolios:

As BJP formed Government in 1991, Rajnath became Education Minister of UP. Eventually, introduced Anti-copying act & Copying became non-bailable offence. In addition ,became Union minister of Surface Transport. Meanwhile, BJP appointed Rajnath Singh as CM of UP in 2000.

BJP President:

Held BJP president post from 2005-2009 & 2013-14 .After Becoming BJP chief , Rajnath announced no compromise on Ayodhya Issue . Also, He opposed English language & Homosexuality.

Achievements of Rajnath Singh:

Emission Norms:

As Surface Transport Minister, he changed Euro 2 to Bharat 2.

Agricultural Transformation:

Reduced interest on Agricultural loans to 8% . Also, Introduced Kisan Call Centre, Farm Commission . As well as Launched Farmer Insurance scheme.

CM of UP:

As CM , he tried to restructure reservation format of Government jobs.

BJP president:

He asked BJP CM’s in states to provide farming loans at 1%. Furthermore, he allotted 33% post to women in BJP.

What we can learn from Rajnath Singh:

1. Rajnath Singh is a person of Deep roots. Coming from Farmer family, he worked for upliftment of farmers.

2. Being a professor, he understands the value of Education. That’s why ban copying. Infact, introduced Vedic Maths & history making students understand Indian culture.

3. A true leader, he has served in several fields . Yet, never let his party or country down.

4. Respects womanhood. Under his presidentship BJP became first party to introduce 33% reservation for women.