5 reason why Congress lost general election 2019
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“Reasons Why Congress lost the Election”

After the disappointing performance of Congress in the Lok Sabha elections, the party needs a complete introspection. The myriad of problems with this party needs to be urgently resolved for its long term survival. Some of their fundamental problems are. 

  1. First Reson why Congress Lost General Election 2019 is BUDGET

Congress is having a serious financial crisis preventing it from working efficiently and establishing a strong presence. The party’s steady source of income from industrials has dwindled down. Congress receives ⅕th of the total funds BJP receives from donors last year. This has been a major setback holding back the party.

2. Second Reason why Congress has lost is its Weak OPPOSITION

Congress has been constantly criticizing many aspects of BJP’s tenure. They accused Modi of being involved in major scandals, legislating policies like GST and demonetization and instigating hate among religious groups.

So, why exactly did it seem so ineffective as opposition in hindsight?

Problem not solution; The criticisms of Congress were not been backed by solid believable alternative approaches. Along with this, the dark history of Congress had made voters reluctant.

Unified Opposition: This is arguably the biggest factor. Congress’s inability and unwillingness to form a strong coalition and unify with regional parties proved to be disastrous.

3. Third Reason: Administrative inability and Poor Execution

Weak Administrative Control, Poor Communication, and struggling campaigns led to the party’s downfall. This had perfectly benefited BJP whose aggressive campaigning and excellent managerial skills could shine more bright. The BJP also dominated Ad spaces, Newspapers, and Social media. The fifth reason why Congress lost the election

4. Fourth Reason: Dynasty Politics

The ancient days of dynasty politics are gone. Indian Politics can no longer be treated like a ‘Family Business’. Behind all failures of Rahul Gandhi, a constant shadow of Nepotism can be seen lingering. The Pseudo- Feudal nature of Congress has been a cause of concern for many.

5. Fifth Reason: Underestimated the Leadership of Politico Dual – Modi – Shah

Congress was unable to scale the leadership ability of Modi Shah dual. The Chanakya of this era Amit Shah and campaigner like Modi made unbelievably advance campaign and strategy. Opposition’s strategy looked very weak and insufficient when compared with opposition. most important Reason why Congress lost the election.

Congress will either need to address these problems or make their decline inevitable.

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