Rise of the saffron wave in Bengal


BJP’s rise in West Bengal has been the epicenter of Indian politics. The major renaissance in India started from Bengal. But after independence, the politics of Bengal changed massively. From Congress to left and now the TMC is the ruling party in Bengal. Mamta Banerjee has been elected twice as the CM of Bengal in the year 2016. But the rise of the saffron wave that is the BJP’s entry into Bengal became evident in 2019.

Expectations from the TMC-

It is told that the price of greatness is the responsibility with great power comes great responsibility.
The people of Bengal had some very high expectations from Mamta Banerjee.
But things became contrary when she was started being alleged for her appeasement politics. And this how we witnessed the rise of saffron wave in Bengal.
Reports about destruction in Dhulagarh, Malda were highlighted and how TMC chief Mamta Banerjee didn’t take any action for her vote bank politics.
After being involved in scams such as Sharda Chit fund she even lost her clean political image.

The entry of BJP in Bengal -

BJP understood what the people of Bengal want.
There comes the entry of BJP in the Lok Sabha election of 2019 with the rise of Saffron wave.
Amit Shah analyzed every matter from tip to toe in Bengal.
The matter of Hindu oppression made the headlines.
With the key of Hindu nationalism, BJP started to change the mindset of the Bengali community which has often been termed as the most liberal Hindu community.
Mamta Banerjee thought it is impossible to shake the citadels of TMC in Bengal.
But with prominent leaders like Dilip Ghosh, Babul Supriyo, S.S Ahuluwalia BJP started its election mission of 2019.

BJP in Bengal

The strategy of BJP -

Reading the minds of the Bengali community and how they have been secluded in their own state by

TMC, the Bhartiya Janta party put its roots in Bengal. Reports suggesting the ban of Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja added fuel to the fire in degrading Mamta’s identity of Maa, Maati, and Manush.
The instances of chanting “Jai Shree Ram” and labeling it as an abusive language played a key role in TMC’s defeat.

The rivalry between the TMC and BJP -

Frequent reports of booth capture went viral in all the news with the starting of election phases in Bengal.
Bengal witnessed all types of violence in every election phases of the Lok Sabha 2019.
Things started becoming worse when Bharati Ghosh,
A retired IPS officer and BJP candidate from Ghatal got injured during the voting by TMC supporters.

So we can say Hindu nationalism, appeasement politics, corrupt governance played a big role in the rise of saffron wave in Bengal,
thereby BJP getting a whopping 18 seats out of 42 Lok Sabha seats with TMC reduced to only 25.

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