Shiromani Akali Dal

S.A.D acronym for Shiromani Akali Dal. Translates into Supreme Akali Party. Election Commission recognized S.A.D as state party.

President of Akali Dal is Sukhbir Singh Badal. Largest & most influential Sikh Political Party worldwide. Oldest Regional party in India. Presently, Akalis are in opposition in Punjab

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Main objective of S.A.D is prioritizing Sikhs. Economic & Social upliftment of Sikh community. Promotion of common punjabi interest. Making Punjabis life full of happiness & prosperity. Akalis are extensive supporter of right wing conservatism.

Symbol Significance

Balanced Scale is the Election Symbol of S.A.D. Which symbolizes unbiased approach for democratic right & interest of Sikhs. Whereas, Party considers itself the principal representative of Sikhs.

History of Akali's

Pre-Independence History

Formed in 1920, as task force of Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee. Sardar Sarmukh Singh Chubbal was first president of unified Akali Dal. Akalis were active in Bardoli Satyagrah. And, Akali Dal participated in civil disobedience movement. As well as protest against Simon Commision.


In 1950, S.A.D launched Suba Movement under Leadership of Sant Fateh Singh. Actually, Akalis Demanded for state for majority of Punjabi speaking people. Finally, in 1966 Punjab was formed, Akali came to power.


BJP-SAD ruled Punjab from 2007-2017. Prakash Singh Badal Longest serving Chief Minister of Punjab.This alliance has also contested election in Delhi. At present S.A.D is part of NDA-2 in centre.

Non-Political Positions

Shiromani Akali Dal controls various Sikh religious bodies. Such as Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee . Also, Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee.

Achievements of S.A.D

Akali Dal has invested thousands of crore for making Punjab power surplus state. The Akali Dal has accelerated revenue growth more than ever. Akalis provided low interest loans to farmers. Alongside , free power & modern irrigation techniques were provided to farmers.

Further, Industrial Growth in Punjab was also insured during Akali’s. S.A.D insured Golden Temple’s modernization by developing vast area around Temple. Badal Government ensuerd high living standards to all Punjabis.

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