Sivaganga Lok Sabha Constituency

Sivaganga is a Lok Sabha (Parliament of India) constituency in Tamil Nadu. One of the 39 constituencies of Tamil Nadu, Sivaganga Lok Sabha Constituency comprises six legislative assembly segments. The Sivaganga Lok Sabha Constituency (constituency number 30) consists of 1,092,438 number of electorates in totality, of these 534,518 are males and 557,920 are females as the Election Commission of India 2009 data suggests.

Constituency Name
Votes Polled
Polling (in %)
Evm Postal Total
Sivaganga 31 GEN 1412367 1018017 977 1018994 72.75 8042
Winner Party Winner Votes Runner-Up Party Votes Vote Margin
Senthilnathan Pr AIADMK 475993 Dhurai Raaj Subha DMK 246608 229385


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Karti P Chidambaram INC Sivaganga

Raja H BJP Sivaganga

Dhurai Raaj Subha DMK Sivaganga

P. R. Senthilnathan AIADMK Sivaganga

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Political History

Year Winner Gender Party
2014 Senthilnathan Pr M AIADMK
2009 Chidambaram,Shri Palaniappan M INC
2004 Chidambaram, P. M INC
1999 Sudarsana Natchiappan,E.M. M INC
1998 Chidambaram, P. M TMC(M)
1996 Chidambaram P. M TMC(M)
1991 Chindambaram P. M INC
1989 Chidambaram, P. M INC
1984 P. Chidambaram M INC
1980 Swaminathan R.V. M INC(I)
1977 P.Thiagarajan M ADK
1971 Tha Kiruttinan M DMK

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