Social Media in General Election 2019

How BJP, Congress and all other parties used Social Media

Social Media in general election 2019

With over 700 million people having a smartphone in India. Use of social media becomes inevitable. Politicians left no stones unturned to leverage from this ultimate platform. This general election was no different. Almost all political parties took refuge of social media in general election 2019. But the question is, had all the political parties used social media’s smartness that smartly.

BJP Social Media in General Election 2019

BJP’s IT cell is considered as the largest IT cell in the world for any political party. With organized working as an IT company. The continuous discipline of BJP’s IT cell for almost 5 years has given its fruits. In this election, We had over 15 million first time voter and more than 300 million young Indian voters. BJP understood social media’s need.

BJPs Management of Budget

Unlike other parties, BJP gave precedence to Social Media in General election 2019 and spent 20 times more than any other party did. This allowed BJP to deliver its message to the people in the last mile. It also helped to counter the negative argument. It helped BJP for all kind of crises management,

Congress IT cell In General Election 2019

What mistake Congress did in 2014. They again repeated that in general election 2019. Results are out now and Congress performed no better than 2014. Use of social media by Congress has increased in the last 2 years. Twitter handle & other media accounts of Congress president Rahul Gandhi has seen good activity. But it was nowhere near to the match of BJP’s big leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is the most popular leader in social media. Congress structure and Volunteer’s role also comes in question because the creation of an issue is one thing but the circulation of information is another. Delivery of the party’s message to the last person is important and here Congress has failed completely.

Regional Parties and their use of Social Media

After Demonetisation, whether common people have suffered or not but other parties have suffered a lot. They all lacked the funds. Moreover, Compared to BJP their spendings in this election on advertisements and social media was negligible. Parties like the Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav which used to take advantage of Social Media in elections didn’t do much this time.

Future of Social Media

Social Media In general election showed its power to all the political parties. It looks like social media is not going to lose its ground soon. However, innovation and use of new tools and technology is the key to success. BJP has the vision to see this. Will Congress and other party understand this?

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