Subarmarinan Swamy

Dr. Subarmarinan Swamy, Indian Politician . He is an Economist & Statistician. Serving as the Member of Rajya Sabha. Former Member of Planning Commission. Prepared report on Economic Cooperation between Developing Countries. 

For, UN Confrence on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Paved the blueprint for Economic Liberalisation in India under Chandrashekhar. Writer for Foreign Affairs of India. Founding Member of Janata Party

Subramanian Swamy

Early Life:

Born on 15 September, 1939 in Mylapore, Chennai. Father, Sitaram Subramanian was an officer of Indian Statistical Service.

And, served as director of CSI, Delhi. Mother, Padhmavati was homemaker. Family lived in Delhi. Because of his father many politician visited their house.


Completed B.Sc(Hons) in Mathematics from Hindu College, DU. Masters in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute. He is PhD in Economics ,Harvard University(under full Rockefeller Scholarship).


Swamy worked at UN Secretariat as Asst. Economic Affairs Officer. Also, Served as a consultant to the World Bank. Thereafter, Swamy became
professor of Mathematical Economics, IIT-Delhi. Further, became part of Board of Governor IIT,Delhi. Furthermore, He was in Board of Council of IITs.

Political Career:

His career started in IIT, swamy became active after expelled from IIT. However, Indira Gandhi criticized Swamy for his Economic Policies. Therefore, Bhartiya Jana Sangh sent him to Rajya Sabha. Afterwards, He served as 5 time MP from Mumbai, UP & Tamil Nadu .


Swamy was member of PCI & Minister of Law & Commerce. Later, he became finance minister in Narasimha Rao’s Government. Also, he held several cabinet equivalent posts. In 2013, Swamy as President of Janata Party, joined BJP.

Court Petitions:

Dr. Subramanian Swamy has filed Several petitions. Regarding, several social, Political & Religious issues. Few of which are
 Petitions to cancel anti-defamation laws.
 Complaint Against Jayalalithaa.
 Role in Exposing 2G scam
 Sanction to prosecute A.Raja
 Partition to Remove Single Directive Provision.
 Investigation on EVM
 National Herald Case.

What we can learn from him:

1. Standing for Truth: From Beginning, Subramanian Swamy has never hesitated Showcasing truth. Infact, several Nation Eroding Facts came from his petitions.

2. Nationalism: He is Highly qualified , Brought his experience to India. Maybe, he should have lived luxurious life in US. Instead, he decided to serve & transform India.

3. Rigid Ideologies: Subramanian Swamy, Active politician .But he never compromised his ideologies with Power. Though, his party mates joined hand with INC(after split of JP). Indeed, His thoughts are still against INC & it’s policies.

4. No religious discrimination: Subramanian Swamy married a Parsi women . Thereby, he don’t believes in Religious disintegration. Also, he stood with Muslims in Hashimpura Massacre.

5. Religious Beliefs: Swamy has filed Several court petitions regarding Temple. Eventually, He filed cases for Batana Temple & Ayodhya Issue. Which shows his religious sentiments matters him most.