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In this world everyone wants to excel and build a better future for themselves and money has always been a priority for it. Money has always been an important aspect for the rich and the poor alike. Sometimes this money cannot reach to the people who actually need it. hence fund-raisers hosted by non-profit organizations to gather money so they can distribute it to the people in need of it. A Fundraiser or Fund-raising is the method of raising or gathering money by asking for voluntary donations from individuals, businesses, charitable institutions or from the government. Generally, a fundraiser is for non-profit organizations but sometimes it is also used to gather capital for for-profit enterprises.

Types of fund-raisers:

Typically fundraising mostly consists of asking donations on the street or at people’s but nowadays a new form of fundraising called “online fundraising” has come into the picture. But except online fund-raising and door-to-door asking for donations, there are other ways to raise funds.

1. Internet Fundraising:

Internet Fundraising is a new form of fundraising which has come into the picture over the past decade with the growth of the internet. Internet Fundraising is the method of raising funds using a website where you can ask people for donations and they can donate the money on the website which directly reaches the organization. It is as effective as it is fast growing since it appeals to a large scope of the population. The biggest example of
Internet Fundraising is the story of Kylie Jenner who was in the news sometimes back when her fans made her a website so people can donate her money in order to make her the youngest billionaire of the world.

2. Host an Event:

Another way of fundraising which has been very popular and effective is hosting an event for fundraising. Fundraising events have been very popular. They are often depicted in shows and movies. In an event for a fundraiser, we gather our resources to host an event and bring as many people as we can under one roof. The event can be anything from a gala to a golf tournament. We try to host an event where people try to enjoy themselves and give us an opportunity to make them understand the importance of the cause for the


3. Offer Text to Give:

This is also an effective form of fundraising. In this method, we can advertise our cause on to the media platforms for the people to see for try throwing a
fundraiser event to share awareness for the cause. Once the donors are pumped up with ideologies we can provide them a number on their screens and have them send a text to it. This easily directs them to the donation page. It is a very fast and efficient method of making and taking donations.

4. Host a CrowdFunding Campaign:

In this method, we let the donors do the heavy lifting for us. This method uses the process of digital marketing. We set up an organization page and set a donation goal amount and a date to create urgency. Then, we encourage our supporters to make their own pages and share it with their family and friends. This way we create a network of people supporting and promoting our cause with all of the work done by our supporters.

5. Host a Silent Auction:

In this method with the fundraiser event, we add a silent auction. In this auction, we can sell as many things we want and use the auction money to support the cause. This method creates a boost in the donations and does not require hiring an auctioneer or finding large items.

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