Who all are allowed to vote through postal ballots?

According to the election fee (EC) of India website, the following classes of the electorate can cast votes via a postal poll:

the EC internet site shows that participants of the military like the Navy, Air Force, contributors of the armed police who are serving out of the country,

human beings employed below the government of India in a submit outside India, like ambassadors and excessive commissioners and their personnel, are allowed to vote through the postal poll.

However, those humans can simply vote through postal ballots and no longer in the individual polling booth.

The “better halves” of the above-stated voters also are allowed to vote via postal ballots.

Electorate on election duty like polling agents, polling officers, presiding officers or other public servants is allowed to vote through postal ballots if they’re not able to vote at the polling station in which they may be entitled to vote.

Below the ‘notified electorate’ class, anyone notified via the EC, in consultation with the authorities to offer their vote with the aid of postal ballot and now not in another way, can cast their votes through postal ballots.

Whilst prisoners aren’t allowed to vote, people under preventive detention can cast their votes through postal ballots as properly.

The first servicemen to vote through postal ballot.

The officers of Indo-Tibetan periphery police were the first to make their choice for the 2019 decisions in Arunachal Pradesh on Friday as administration voters.

The primary round of carrier voting by means of mystery postal ballot commenced on April 6th at itbp’s animal training school (ats) placed at Lohitpur.

The primary vote was cast by senior police officer Sudhakar Natarajan.

Aside from the animal training school, unit of almost 30 infantrymen, different itbp gadgets deployed inside the state additionally forged their votes through postal ballot.

Almost 5,000 employees from the security forces voted, out of which close to 1,000 were from it alone.

Poll papers had been dispatched to Uttrakhand, Gujarat, Bengaluru, Bihar, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and lots of different places for the service employees to vote.